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The Law Office of Wayne E. Chapple is devoted to providing the best possible legal representation for individuals and their families in the area of immigration and naturalization. Connecticut immigration and naturalization lawyer, Chapple has over 15 years of legal experience handling complex immigration and naturalization issues, and he has dedicated his practice to assisting clients in the following areas:

Immigration and Naturalization

Connecticut immigration law attorney Wayne E. Chapple is experienced at handling both family and employment based Immigration matters. The ability for immigrants and their loved ones to enter and become citizens of the U.S is governed by a system of immigrant visas. Mr. Chapple has handled hundreds of visas, deportation, green card and asylum cases, and we understand the specific terms and conditions for entering and remaining in the United States.


There are a number of requirements and forms that must be filed to petition the INS or State Department for entry into the United States. Our firm is experienced handling the B-1 visas, H-1B visas, H-2 visas, L-1 visas, B-2 visas, J-1 visas and M-1 visas.

If you have an immigration or naturalization problem, simply contact The Law Office of Wayne E. Chapple by phone and schedule an appointment for a consultation. At the consultation, a retainer will be executed should both parties feel there is a fit. The attorney's consultation fee is $150 unless he is retained that day, there will be no consultation fee.

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