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Attorney Wayne Chapple has helped many individuals with their Visa, Green Card, and U.S. Citizenship issues. Hartford immigration attorney Wayne Chapple keeps track of changes in the law, and makes sure that you are provided with the most effective legal representation available. Mr. Chapple are dedicated to helping clients in the following areas:

Family and Employment Immigration

Connecticut immigration law attorney Wayne E. Chapple, is experienced at handling both family and employment-based Immigration matters. The ability for immigrants to enter and become citizens of the United States is governed by a system of immigrant visas, each of which establishes specific terms and conditions for entering and remaining in the United States. The process of obtaining a “Green Card" can be complicated.

Mr. Chapple will quickly review your situation and determine if you are eligible to apply through a family, fiancé, adoption or employer visa. He is well-schooled in preparing petitions, and knows the process and procedures necessary to ensure the best possible outcome in a timely manner.


There are a number of requirements and forms that must be filed to petition the INS or State Department for entry into the United States. Our firm is experienced handling the B-1 visas, H-1B visas, H-2 visas, L-1 visas, B-2 visas, J-1 visas and M-1 visas.

The Law Office of Wayne E. Chapple, LLC is dedicated to representing individuals and their families with their immigration and naturalization issues. We have a reputation for excellence, ethics and compassion, and understand that the immigration and naturalization issues facing the individuals and their families are complicated. Contact us for an initial consultation. The attorney's consultation fee is $150 unless he is retained that day, there will be no consultation fee.

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